The Daisy Patch - In the garden free monthly gatheringIn the Garden Free Monthly Gathering

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Rushing around too much and forgetting to breathe? Looking for a mini sanctuary in your daily life to just ‘be’? Feeling disconnected from yourself and others?

Our monthly gatherings of In The Garden are all about building a community around us. Connection with others, to do a little soul watering and nourish ourselves in the process. They’re informal. Fun. Completely judgement-free. Where you can be yourself, whilst giving to yourself.

If you’re:

– seeking more light in your life

– have dabbled in some personal growth ‘stuff’ and you’re seeking more

– wanting to have conversations about more than ‘the weather’

– wanting to connect with like-minded souls

– craving connection, tips, guidance, or general support to get unstuck, or move forward in your life


These are informal sessions, completely FREE, we’ll be on hand to facilitate, guide conversations as needed, or simply answer any Q&As, otherwise it’s really a chance for our community to gather in enriching, nourishing, soulful places across London. To focus on growth, connection and balance.

And hey, we could all do with a little more of those couldn’t we? RSVPs essential, book your place HERE.

Practicing Pause

Practicing Pause

Sunday 12 November | 11:00am to 12:30pm 

Been busy lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed and burnt out?

Or perhaps you’ve returned from a Summer break and wanting to stay refreshed, keep that energy going?

When we’re feeling stuck, a little lost, or low on energy so many of us rush around feeling that the more we do, the more valuable we are. Yet this leaves us feeling depleted and even more exhausted. These sessions are all about giving yourself permission to PAUSE. Which becomes even more important as we get ready to bolt into the last half of this year. We’ll give you the clarity you need to reconnect to what’s really important to you – so you can continue to feel energised and refreshed throughout the year.

We’re partnering with Eve and Grace Wellness Centre who are running these interactive wellness sessions as a gift for their members (valued at £49 each), because they know how much we all need to stay refreshed and revitalised at this time of year. We’ll be sharing simple strategies for you slow down, connect and be well.

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Ending the Year with Energy & Balance

Ending the year with energy and balance

Saturday 2 December | 2:30pm to 4:30pm | £30

Feeling overwhelmed with the year-end? Rushing around and feeling burnt out? Disconnected from that things that really make you feel excited in your life?

This time of year can put us in a bit of a tizz. We’ve been rushing around adding more and more to our to-do lists and social calendars, feeling like the more we do the more connected we’ll feel, valued. And yet internally we’re feeling depleted. And more exhausted.

Sound familiar?

So how do we recharge our energy for the year-end? To feel like we’ve taken the time to pause and really acknowledge the year that has been. And how do we know that next year will feel more energised, more connected and less rushed?

In this interactive wellness group coaching session you’ll learn simple strategies and the steps you can take immediately to feel more in control in your life and to bring more balance, clarity and re-connection to what’s really important to you so that you can set intentions for the new year that LIGHT YOU UP instead of dragging you down.

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Stop sleepwalking through life

Dates TBC | £ on consultation

Ever felt like you’re sleepwalking through life? Like from the outside looking in, things are great, yet on the inside you’re feeling a little… lost? Disconnected? Unenthused?  

We run bespoke sessions to give you the tips, insights, and techniques to wake up! We love hearing from anyone looking to fire up their inner spark again, or simple want to learn more about who they are so they can experience life more fully.

So if any of the dates of our upcoming events clash with your diary or perhaps you’re looking for something just a little bit different, be sure to get in touch and we’ll work some magic. Why not get a group of friends together and spend some time giving back to yourselves?