The Daisy Patch - In the garden free monthly gatheringIn the Garden Monthly Gathering

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Rushing around too much and forgetting to breathe? Looking for a mini sanctuary in your daily life to just ‘be’? Feeling disconnected from yourself and others?

Our monthly gatherings of In The Garden are all about building a community around us. Connection with others, to do a little soul watering and nourish ourselves in the process. They’re informal. Fun. Completely judgement-free. Where you can be yourself, whilst giving to yourself.

If you’re:

– seeking more light in your life

– have dabbled in some personal growth ‘stuff’ and you’re seeking more

– wanting to have conversations about more than ‘the weather’

– wanting to connect with like-minded souls

– craving connection, tips, guidance, or general support to get unstuck, or move forward in your life


These are informal sessions and we’ll be on hand to facilitate, guide conversations as needed, or simply answer any Q&As, otherwise it’s really a chance for our community to gather in enriching, nourishing, soulful places across London. To focus on growth, connection and balance.

And hey, we could all do with a little more of those couldn’t we? RSVPs essential, book your place HERE.

Refresh & Recharge Workshop

Saturday 20 January| 2:00pm to 4:15pm 

Did you just race to the end of the year and feel exhausted? Want this year to feel more energised? More consistently balanced? Feeling stuck and that you ‘should’ set new goals but nothing feels right?

If you want this year to FEEL different to last year, then this is the workshop for you.

Ever found that you’re so busy at year-end that January rolls around and you’re left feeling depleted and burnt out. You want to start the new year feeling energised and charged, ready to go, ready for a change. But instead you’re feeling lost, stuck and don’t know where to start.

This workshop is all about shifting you from FRAZZLED to DAZZLED.

Join Life Coach, Danielle Brooker from The Daisy Patch, and Yoga and Meditation teacher, Sue Rahmani for a nourishing afternoon that will support you to set new year intentions that not only make you feel great they stick around for the whole year too. Meaning you get to experience more balance, wellbeing and energy in your life.

Our Refresh and Recharge Wellbeing series are all about integrating the restorative benefits of body, mind and spirit. We start with a gentle yoga practice to get your body moving, followed by group interactive coaching exercises and close in a guided meditation.

Book your place HERE.

Creating Change in the New Year | Wellbeing Workshop

Saturday 27 January| 2:30pm to 4:30pm 

Want this year to be different? Have you ever set resolutions and then wondered why they didn’t stick? It’s three weeks later and you’re still running around, rushed, overwhelmed and worn out? 

For so many of us we have a tendency to move through life not only feeling like the more we do the more valuable we are, also that the more we have the more significant we are. Then we wonder why we ‘get there’ and still feel disconnected, or lost.

This workshop is about resetting the way you go about creating change in your life. We wanted to call it the ‘How to not get caught up new year resolutions and set intentions that actually happen’ workshop. But that was a little long… You see, life is made up of moments of experiences and the more we can shift into asking ourselves how we want to feel on a consistent basis, the more likely we are to be drawn towards what we most want to create in our lives (instead of constantly pushing stuff away).

This is an interactive 2-hour group coaching session with Life Coach Danielle Brooker from The Daisy Patch. You’ll learn simple strategies you can do immediately to get unstuck and bring more balance and wellbeing into your life – the kind that sticks around for good.

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Wellness Session: Your Permission to Slow Down & Pause

Sunday 28 January| 2:30pm to 4:30pm 

Feeling stuck and disconnected with yourself? Not really sure how to move forward? Want to live a life that feels much lighter and energised? 

The first in the series*, SLOW DOWN, focus on permission to pause. When we are feeling a little lost, distracted, or low on energy, many of rush around even more trying to find the ‘right’ solution. We want the ‘fix it’ button and we want it now. We will help you restore more balance and flow in your life to reconnect with what’s really important to you. You’ll gain insights into why you do what you do, and therefore know how you can change things to create more balance and wellbeing in your life.
These few hours really could make all the difference…

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I want to know how to find balance and prioritise ME so I can feel great
  • I want to close the gap between where I am now and where I want to be
  • I want to learn new skills for my career or maybe it is time to explore new opportunities
  • I want to gain insights into what to let go and how to conquer my own fears and doubts
  • I want to know the secrets to fulfilling relationships with myself and with my loved ones
  • It is my time to say YES to being all I can be and a better future

Then this workshop is for YOU. Book your place HERE. 


Stop sleepwalking through life

Dates TBC | £ on consultation

Ever felt like you’re sleepwalking through life? Like from the outside looking in, things are great, yet on the inside you’re feeling a little… lost? Disconnected? Unenthused?  

We run bespoke sessions to give you the tips, insights, and techniques to wake up! We love hearing from anyone looking to fire up their inner spark again, or simple want to learn more about who they are so they can experience life more fully.

So if any of the dates of our upcoming events clash with your diary or perhaps you’re looking for something just a little bit different, be sure to get in touch and we’ll work some magic. Why not get a group of friends together and spend some time giving back to yourselves?