Wellbeing Workshop Coaching, Yoga & Meditation

Wellbeing Workshop | Coaching, yoga and meditation

Saturday 8 July | 2pm to 4:15pm | £25

Have you been busy lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed and burnt out?

This 2-hour session, with Danielle and Yoga Practitioner Sue Rahmani, will help you bring more balance and wellbeing into your life through body, mind and soul connection. The workshop blends a short yoga asana, group coaching session and guided meditation for you to fully refresh and recharge.

When we’re feeling stuck, a little lost, or low on energy so many of us rush around feeling that the more we do, the more valuable we are. Yet this leaves us feeling depleted and even more exhausted. This session is all about giving yourself permission to PAUSE. In this workshop we will guide you to find balance and prioritise you, learning what to let go of in order to live a full life that you love. We’ll give you the clarity you need to reconnect to what’s really important to you – so you can feel refreshed and recharged.

We are so excited to use Embody Wellness Centre’s beautiful light-filled studio for this day. To book visit Embody Wellness: http://embodywellness.co.uk/workshops/

Refresh & Recharge | How to get more energy, balance & wellbeing in your life

Wednesday 17 May, 7-9pm, Evolve Wellness Centre, South Kensington, £25

The change of season to Spring means growth is all around us. There’s this literal shift in the energy around us, lots more colour, bloom, fresh fragrances. With it comes this pull for us to feel more lively, springy, ready for the summer months of busyness and socialising.

For me, over the past few weeks, I’ve been wanting to feel energised and fully charged and yet instead I’ve been sluggish and low on energy. A little like I’ve lost my ‘mojo’.

Maybe you can identify with this feeling over the last few months, or maybe for a while now you’ve been feeling flat. Like you’re sleepwalking through life and you’re ready to wake up. To start prioritising yourself more. To feel refreshed and recharged.

At this workshop we’ll be sharing simple strategies to feel more connected to yourself, and to bring more balance and wellbeing into your life.

To find out more and to book your place visit: https://refreshrecharge.eventbrite.co.uk
The Daisy Patch Creating a Life Series

What you get


2 hours uninterrupted YOU time

Gain new insights into how to live a life you truly love

Discover how to capitalise on joy & how to live life with more meaning and depth

Overcome the fears and doubts that are holding you back from being all of you

 Renew self-esteem & reconnect with your true self

Creating a Life You Love

Feeling stuck and disconnected with yourself? Not really sure how to move forward? Want to live a life that brings you lots of joy and energy?

Our flagship Creating a Life You Love workshop series is all about getting you on track.

When we feel lost and low on energy many of us may rush around trying to find a ‘fix it’ button, without pausing to just take it all in and find what it is we truly want.

These two hours could make all the difference…

The sessions are all about helping you restore more balance and flow in your life and reconnect with what’s really important to you. You’ll gain insights into why you do what you do, and therefore know how you can shift things to start living life you love.

The next series* commences on 9 March at Evolve Wellness Centre in South Kensington, with sessions on 9 and 23 March. For more details on each part in the series, further dates & to book your place visit our Eventbrite page.

*We’ve designed these sessions specially so you can to come to all three, or just pop in for one or two, either way you’ll uncover huge truths and get the full experience to move yourself forward.

Psst… we also do bespoke workshop sessions for small private groups. So if any of the dates clash with your diary be sure to get in touch and we’ll work some magic. Why not get a group of friends together and spend some time giving back to yourselves? Email us at [email protected] for more details.

The Daisy Patch Balance & Flow

Any of these sound familiar?


I feel I’ve lost my ‘spark’ and want it back

I groan when the alarm clock goes off in the morning because I’m just not feeling up to facing the day

I’m exhausted and can’t seem to stop adding to my to do list

I want things to change I just don’t know how

I feel supported and on track and want to keep it going (to top up the fuel reserves)

I just feel like a lovely afternoon of uninterrupted ‘me’ time


Then this workshop is for YOU.

Balance & Flow

Feeling disconnected? Stressed? A little burnt out?

Come spend your Sunday afternoon recharging and reconnecting with yourself.

Welcome to Balance & Flow. We think you’re going to like it here.

This workshop is a series of blissful afternoons of nurturing, restoration and renewing. We blend the magic of moving your body through a tailored yoga practice (beginners absolutely welcome!) that will allow you to completely unwind; followed by a structured coaching conversation and exercises to give you the tools to bring more clarity and create changes in your life. We then close in a guided meditation to ground everything and allow you to take this new energy back into your daily life with more intention. The yoga practice and meditation is taught by the wonderful Sue Rahmani who is a 500 hours ISHTA-trained instructor and blends the beautiful philosophy of Ayurveda into her teaching.

We’ve created Balance & Flow as a three-part series for you to really decompress – to help you get back on track to prioritising yourself more and feeling centred. We’ve tailored the sessions specially so you can choose to come to all three, or pop in for just one, either way you’ll get the full nurturing experience.