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Joy Coach | Life Coaching | Meta Dynamics™ Practitioner

Hi, I’m Danielle.

Joy Coach, coffee snob, and positive thinking enthusiast.

I guide busy, always-on, women to ditch their stress and reclaim their joy.

I believe that unlocking ourselves from busy is the fastest and most sustainable way to experience a life that completely lights us up. And that the unlocking has a lot to do with identifying your joys.

I’m also the first to tell you that feeling bad is just as good for you as feeling good. It’s just that we’ve lost touch with feeling good. We spend too much time focused on our stress, our busyness and our overwhelm. Joy gets limited airtime in our lives – so when we come to wanting it, we don’t know how to experience it.

I offer private coaching programmes, group coaching, digital courses and in person events. And I’m here to help you become unapologetically joyful in your life.

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  • I got started in coaching after a decade in government policy, economics and health charity roles. I was the one always putting my hand up for more trainings, workshops and mentoring. Those roles taught me how to think big, connect the dots, write effectively and take into account other people’s views.
  • One of my first jobs was at Maccas (that’s what Aussies love to call McDonalds) and I loved it. I still mop with the same technique I was taught at that job, precision and support for your back! I also haven’t been into a Maccas for about 15 years.
  • I’ve been reading personal growth books since I could read. I also used to love the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. I think it was the adventure, problem-solving, team spirit of them that appealed so much.
  • I was born in South Africa, moved to Australia when I was nine, and now live in London.
  • Living in London was a “pipedream”. Something I always imagined but it felt too distant for it to be real. I finally got sick of watching everyone else “do it” so packed my bags with very little savings and jumped on a plane. I’ve been here seven years now!
  • I’ve watched reruns of all ten Friends seasons at least ten times. I’m a combo Phoebe-Monica-Chandler.
  • I cry in most movies, the original Lion King included.
  • I can speak Japanese and lived there for a year teaching English. I started learning the language when I was ten and kept it up all through my university despite it being an elective only.
  • I bake the best choc chip cookies with the simplest recipe ever. Or, so I’ve been told. ?
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Danielle is an empowering genuine and brilliant life coach. She has helped me reconnect with me, helped me tap into an inner power within me that I did not know I had. My coaching experience with her has been invaluable investment of resources, efforts and time.

In just a few sessions with Danielle I regained the confidence, motivation and self-understanding that has made a hugely positive and sustainable impact to my happiness and wellbeing.

Danielle step-changed the way I perceive and process my thoughts and the way I react inwardly and outwardly to testing situations. Her arsenal of easy-to-use tools and her accommodating, warm, considered and constructive coaching has made me a far calmer person and helped me practise greater tolerance and empathy in my everyday life.

It has given me a feeling of strength to face my fears, but also, grounded me in a way that I can learn to accept and cherish who I am.

I was looking for space to reconnect with myself and find some inner strength where I could rebuild and move forward with confidence again. As a result I felt permission to feel and accept whatever it was that I was feeling. I feel ‘me’ again.

I feel like a different person. I would definitely recommend investing with The Daisy Patch. It has changed my life. I found it hard to show up in my  personal life and work. Now, I am able to confidently  show up and truly believe in my abilities. I also understand my strengths and understand how to use it to empower me in other aspects of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I appreciate that Danielle is able to get me back to what we are supposed to work on. I like where she takes me. How she insists on places where I don’t even see that I am resisting. I have learned a lot, mainly to pay attention (to my emotions and my body) and to trust, that whatever comes was supposed to come. Danielle is a good companion to help you make progress.


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