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Feeling stuck, confused, unmotivated and frustrated? Not sure what that next step ‘should’ be, let alone what you want it to be? I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve also got out of there. And I’m here to show you how.

My coaching programmes are really designed to give you the steps that’ll allow you to keep growing, evolving and staying true to yourself. That means less over-thinking and people pleasing, more confidence and fun.

I think of it as guiding you to get more awareness, of what’s working and what’s not in your life, so that you can finally move forward. We’ll work on new strategies, ones that will give you that consistency you’ve been lacking so far.

I know you have an amazing potential to become an extraordinary version of yourself and I want you to get there faster. Once you’ve shifted all those fears that show up (spoiler: we all have them), you get to unlock yourself and truly start getting the results YOU want in your life.

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Joy Coach | Life Coaching | Meta Dynamics™ Practitioner

I work with people who are struggling to make decisions in their life that feel right for them. They’re looking for a way to get ‘unstuck’ and back on track to feeling authentic – light, energetic and happy. They’ve come to me because this time they really want the change to stick around.

I give them the tools to have more confidence and bring more lightness, direction and purpose into their lives. When it comes to creating transformational change in people’s lives I’ve got:

  • Years of experience in feeling ‘stuck’, unworthy and frustrated that my life just didn’t feel authentic;
  • An obsession with self-help, personal development and making your dreams come true;
  • Coaching certification from The Coaching Institute (#1 school in Australasia who’s been setting world class industry standards);
  • Masters in Public Policy specialising in International Development and an Honours Degree in Economics (i.e. I spent years studying my butt off and thinking strategically, which means I can connect dots to get people the results they’re craving fast); and
  • Years of self-discovery through yoga, meditation, a zillion self-help books, ayurvedic principles and positive psychology.

And when I’m not helping people transform their lives, I’m busy researching the next cool travel destination to explore with my partner; thinking about what I can eat at my next meal; finding the best coffee in town; or video chatting with my family and closest friends across the globe.

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Danielle is an empowering genuine and brilliant life coach. She has helped me reconnect with me, helped me tap into an inner power within me that I did not know I had. My coaching experience with her has been invaluable investment of resources, efforts and time.

In just a few sessions with Danielle I regained the confidence, motivation and self-understanding that has made a hugely positive and sustainable impact to my happiness and wellbeing.

Danielle step-changed the way I perceive and process my thoughts and the way I react inwardly and outwardly to testing situations. Her arsenal of easy-to-use tools and her accommodating, warm, considered and constructive coaching has made me a far calmer person and helped me practise greater tolerance and empathy in my everyday life.

It has given me a feeling of strength to face my fears, but also, grounded me in a way that I can learn to accept and cherish who I am.

I was looking for space to reconnect with myself and find some inner strength where I could rebuild and move forward with confidence again. As a result I felt permission to feel and accept whatever it was that I was feeling. I feel ‘me’ again.

I feel like a different person. I would definitely recommend investing with The Daisy Patch. It has changed my life. I found it hard to show up in my  personal life and work. Now, I am able to confidently  show up and truly believe in my abilities. I also understand my strengths and understand how to use it to empower me in other aspects of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.