Bringing curiosity to times of uncertainty

The Daisy Patch Blog - Bringing curiosity to times of uncertainty

This week has not been an ‘average’ week for me. My schedule has been different, we’ve physically been staying in a different location, my heart has felt a little ruffled. And I’ve been super curious during the week, noticing how my mindset has been bubbling up and down. Noticing that how I’d ‘handle’ or ‘process’ things this week has felt so different to previous times when I’ve had more certainty, structure, or control. The three things that have been most on my mind? Being grounded, cycles in nature and life, and turning pro.


What’s this really about and how can you feel less flighty and anxious during times of uncertainty?

My boyfriend asked how I was last week and my response was that I was feeling a little ‘ungrounded’. He then asked ‘what does that mean?’. Which I felt was actually incredibly insightful of him, he could easily have brushed me off for saying something airy fairy he didn’t fully get. Instead he wanted to know why I chose that language and how it showed up for me. My response (this was a texting conversation) was:

“Do you ever get an unsettled anxious type feeling? It’s kinda subtle and feels like you’re just a little on edge for no particular reason. Like when you’ve been racing around everywhere and haven’t had sit still time or you time? That’s the only way I can think to describe it. Like I’m missing my tree roots to keep me sturdy”.

Granted we’ve had a little uncertainty rock up in our lives over the past few months and this feeling last week was a culmination of the ground beneath me suddenly feeling far shakier than I felt I could manage. Like I was ready to lie down flat instead of standing tall. I’m learning even the shakiest of moments like these are fleeting at best and most definitely always fluid. Like the passing breeze. What I loved about expressing how I felt in my text message response is that I was able to articulate exactly what was going on for me, instead of toying with it inside my own head. Once I’d spoken it and tried to put words to my feelings, I could acknowledge instead of fight it. Almost immediately I knew what was missing for me too. Some of the simplest things can bring me back to centre and feeling grounded. Like cancelling a few appointments in my diary over the coming days (which I did) and literally lying flat on the floor and restoring my breath (which I did to some fabulous tunes in the background!) and long hot baths, with candles and restorative essential oils.


Last week I ran a webinar all about spring cleaning our minds and souls in the same way we do our homes. Today (as I’m writing this, Monday 27 March) marks the newest phase of the moon, another representation in nature of the shedding of layers and the beginning of something brand new. An opportunity to welcome in new things into our lives and be ready, with clean fresh new slate. So what things are you wanting to ‘let in’ this month? For me I want to let in more energy, quite literally. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish these past few weeks, as if the heavy blanket of winter has wrapped itself more fully around me and I’ve got to shake it off a little harder to unearth what has been growing and restoring and recharging inside. It is exciting and also at times challenging. So I want to let in more physical energy, more walks in the glorious fresh air, more basking in the sunshine, more flow in my yoga practice and more music. Because I do feel music energises my body.


This one comes from listening to a podcast by Kate & Mike (if you haven’t heard of these guys, seriously check them out, they bring lightness, love and growth to everything they do through parenting, running businesses, and their own marriage). In reference to Steven Pressfield’s book titled ‘Turning Pro’ they talk a lot about the distinction in how you’re treating yourself, particularly whether you are in constant ‘comparison mode’ or standing below those you admire. What if you were missing an opportunity to step up? To stand beside them? To acknowledge your own capability and worth and truly wake yourself up from living life on autopilot (amateur mode) to being in the driver’s seat directly (turning pro). The lesson has been hitting home for me in lots of ways. I’ve been questioning myself daily on how I could be stepping my life up, being more responsible, owning my own capability, treating myself kinder, not taking the lower level option ‘just because’, rather looking up and being curious about what else I could be doing. It’s not fully articulated yet how this will or does actually play out in my life right now. All I know is that it’s an incredible lens to wake up more and is way more empowering to know that actually at the end of the day the changes in my life, the emotions, the results, well, they are all up to me. I get to pick up the paint brush AND choose the colours.

I can already feel I’m learning so much more about what ‘turning pro’ really looks like and feels like to me. A share for another blog post!

For now, I’d love to hear from you what resonates most. How do you know when you’re feeling flighty and ungrounded, and what do you do to ‘come back’ to yourself? What’s the one things you’ve done recently that felt like you were stepping up to a whole new level of life? Or what’s one thing you can do this week that will support your pro-ness in life?


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