Committing to yourself

The Daisy Patch Blog - Committing to yourself

Do you ever get that nervous, anxious feeling after you’ve just committed to doing something wholly and truly for yourself? You’ve navigated all the questions and external analysis coming at you. Maybe you’ve batted away a few “should I, shouldn’t I”s. And then, you did it. That thing. That you really wanted.

I’m a big big BIG believer in doing things for yourself, prioristing yourself first, filling up your own tank before you try to use drained energy on others. You’ve heard about the oxygen mask on the aeroplane analogy right? You know, put yours on first, otherwise you’re pretty much useless to help others.

Well, I get it. I believe it. I even practice it. And most of the time it feels GREAT. Actually, let me rephrase. Most of the time it doesn’t really feel anything much. Because really it feels quite natural, normal, like it’s supposed to be the way. Like when I say no to going out with friends for a late dinner (because I really really love early nights) or when I say yes to a yoga retreat weekend without thinking twice about other commitments, cost, or even if I really “need” it.

However, there are those other times. The real testers. The ones that throw all sorts of questions and bumps along the ride of decisions my way. That then when I finally do still stick my heels in and say YES (to me) I’m left feeling a little nervous and anxious. I’m getting better at identifying the difference between you know ‘good’ nervous and ‘bad’ nervous, if that’s even a distinction to make. I mean I know deep down that the choice is right for me, I’m just saying choosing YOU first doesn’t always make you feel great. At least not immediately. Sometimes it’s going to feel conflicting, painful, or even plain right confusing. And I figure that’s okay. Because, well, you see it’s kinda a new thing for my body, mind and soul to get used to. I spent years not doing it, so it feels a little uncertain at times to really know that I’m making the right choice.

What I’m getting over time, the more and more I lean into the YESes for me, is that I feel far more connected to myself. Far more lit up, energised, and all round in sync with life. And it’s catchy. The more I do it, the more lit up I become and that makes the rest of life’s ups and downs easier to navigate. That certainly makes it worthwhile. To know that next time I get that nervous, anxious feeling show up, that it’s okay. That it’s just my body, mind and soul adjusting to a new way. A way that finally puts me in control of my own life. And therefore my own results, my own feelings and my own light.


Know someone in your life who is always giving themselves to others? Perhaps they need to hear this right now, that’s it’s okay to fill up their own tank first. Share this blog post with them now, to sprinkle a little light on their day. ?