You get to create how you feel good

The Daisy Patch Blog -You get to create how you feel good

I am in incessant learner. I’ve always loved exploring new ideas, place, stories, ways of looking at the world. I get really into the story too. If I’m watching a TV series I’m immersed, I go to bed thinking and feeling about all the characters and their journeys through life. When I was younger my Mum used to gently ‘tell me off’ for getting so involved in my book I was reading. She said I would get all mopey around the house because I was so lost in another world. And I can totally see where she’s coming from now. I would! I’d be immersed in the emotion of it all.

Which also means I’ve been eager to put up my hand to try anything new over the years. Particularly if it shows any signs of making me feel good. Because let’s face it, that’s what we’re all seeking in life isn’t it? To feel good? When we’re seeking to study more and gain another degree, to get the promotion at work, to invite our friends over for dinner, to sign up to that art class – it’s all about seeking to feel good.

There’s an episode of Friends actually where Joey tries to prove to Phoebe that there is no ‘selfless good deed’. His theory is even if you’re doing some nice and intentionally as a charitable giving, actually, you’re the one getting something out of it. Because you end up feeling good about it. And I kinda am taking his side here for a moment. Not like there’s anything right or wrong about either of the sides. It’s kinda just what life is about. Moments of experience. And we seek to make those experiences as wonderful as they possibly can be (whatever your definition of wonderful truly is).

So back to my point… what was it again? That’s right. Learning. And putting my hand up for stuff.

In those moments of life when I’ve felt my most lost, distanced, stuck, or lonely I’ve reached out even more. I’ve put my hand up even more. For anything that shows signs of improving how I feel.

Which means I’ve tried a lot! I’ve volunteered, I’ve tutored primary school kids, high school kids, university students, I’ve read fantasy, short-stories, autobiographies, self-help. I’ve been to naturopaths, acupuncturists, energy healers, massage therapists, osteopaths, coaches, nutritionists, bootcamps, yoga and sacred women’s circles. I’ve baked. I’ve cooked. I’ve travelled.

What all have this has brought to me is an evolution over time of how to navigate my way back to me. With all the beautiful tools and tips and techniques I’ve absorbed along the way what’s really taken shape is my own way. The bits that resonate most. The bits that really hit home, at the time or are hitting home right now. It’s the kaleidoscope of seeking the wisdom and guidance from others AND the allowing it all to settle and absorb however it most needs to for me. This is my treasure trove of navigating back to me. Back to balance. Back to knowing myself inside and out and far and wide and everything in between. Because in doing so I’m evolving even more each day into a better version of myself. And that’s the version I want to take out into the world.


What pearls of wisdom have you collected on your journey so far? What do the experiences you have in your life teach you about what you’re currently experiencing?


And that’s what I want for others too. To know that their own personal wellbeing, their wholeness in life is not made up of what one teacher tells them, or parent, or sibling, or friend. It’s made up of the bits and pieces you choose to collate along the way. You may add glitter to some, or feathers to another, or even some googly eyes. It’s an evolution. And it’s what feels good. To you.


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