how to surrender to the winter vibes and still feel productive this new year

An Urban Day Retreat to nurture your mind, body, and heart.
Saturday 26 January, Kensington, London.

You’re probably feeling like you want to escape back into your hibernation cave before launching fully into 2019.

This full day retreat is designed to give you that deep restoration you were craving over the year-end but just didn’t get around to getting.

Hibernation is actually a really productive time – it’s all about internal review, softness, ease and warmth. Yet how often do we give ourselves this opportunity in our personal or professional lives? We just come back after the year-end break and get straight back to it.

At this Mid-Winter Urban Day Retreat, you’ll get a whole day focused on just you, to feel completely taken care of. From the moment you walk in the door you get to completely switch off.

This is a unique experience offered in an intimate and non-judgemental space, integrating tools and techniques from yoga, life coaching and meditation – giving you a full mental, emotional and physical retreat. You’re led by Yoga and Meditation Teacher Sue Rahmani and Life Coach Danielle Brooker.

Together we seamlessly guide you through practices including yoga sequences, life coaching exercises and guided meditations – tools that get you out of your head (where we often get stuck in stress and overwhelm) and back into your body and heart (i.e. you get to come back to the present moment and feel completely yourself, back in control of your next steps).

By the end of the day you will feel ready to take on 2019 with motivation and drive. You’ll feel reconnected with a big vision for how you want your year to look and feel, and you’ll finally feel ready to start saying YES to YOU more and NO to others.

Here’s what you get:

  • Held in a private studio in Kensington, so you get to feel completely secluded and tucked away from London busyness.
  • Herbal teas, nourishing treats and an Ayurvedic-inspired lunch all provided, which means you don’t have to leave your cocoon all day and your bellies will be super happy.
  • You’ll be led through yoga movement sessions throughout the day, so you get to loosen up and let go of any tensions as well as deeply restorative guided meditations, which means you’ll not only be utterly relaxed, it also ensures you integrate all your learnings from the day.
  • You get to start asking yourself questions about how you want this year to look and feel (instead of coasting into it without a thought), guided through the interactive coaching circle.


Tickets are £109. Limited availability. To book, click HERE and give yourself the fresh start to the year you’ve been craving.


*Note: Unfortunately due to the nature of this event, no refunds are available. However should you not be able to attend you may pass your ticket on to another to take your place.

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