It just started hailing & flourishing through our inner seasons

The Daisy Patch Blog - It just started hailing & flourishing through our inner seasons

It just started hailing. I just turned the heating on and grabbed my cosy scarf that’s more like a blanket. It’s late April and two weeks ago I spent an entire Sunday sitting in the park soaking up the warmth and the sun.

And I’m smiling. Laughing out loud to myself. And I feel a gentle excitement. Or not so much excitement, more gratitude, warmth, grounding. A simple knowing that all is well in the world. The seasons will come and go. The weather will never ever be something I have control over. And that’s okay. I’m willing to let it go.

Today* also happens to mark the start of the new moon. I’m becoming more conscious of tuning in to cycles in my life. The seasons, the moon, menstruation, emotions, energy. Everything has an ebb and a flow to it. What I’ve been noticing most is that when I push less, relax more, let go a little, it’s like everything clicks in to place. It feels uplifting in a gentle, certain, grounded kinda way. Like I’m using the premium fuel for my tank instead of the lower quality grade. Like I’m doing the best I possibly can to maintain the quality of my engine and therefore the performance.

What I’m learning and have learnt along the way:

  • I’m an early morning person and think best early. And I also need to sleep in sometimes.
  • When I’m haphazard with my eating habits, my digestion gets out of sync and I immediately feel it. Headaches, lethargy, dizziness and nausea. It’s okay to eat chocolate and pastry, if most of the time I’m giving my system what it loves (less sugar, lots and lots of vegies, and minimal gluten).
  • Coffee is my friend. And if I abuse our time together, i.e. if I’m not mindful, attentive, and in the moment during our date together, my digestive system shuts down. What does that mean? Coffee date time is precious. Take it slowly and enjoy it. One cupful can last a long time.
  • I love being creative. I love writing and talking, expressing my inner most thoughts and sharing insights. However if I sit down at my laptop and force myself to type and nothing comes out – that’s okay. That’s my intuition saying now’s not the right time, there’s something else you’re meant to be focusing on.
  • Things that light me up are a MUST. But it doesn’t mean there’s only one way to fill my life with them. Just because I love traveling, it doesn’t mean that I get joy and energy from being away all the time. I can find the same light in visiting a new neighbourhood, walking a different route home, or cooking a recipe I haven’t tried before.

These are the ‘seasons’ of my life and the more I acknowledge them, the more graceful my life is becoming. I feel more and more connected to my true self – and when I don’t I at least have the stepping stones in place to find my way back again.

None of my lessons might mean anything to you. Or maybe all of them are reflected in your own life. What’s most important is being aware that when we’re feeling at our most stuck, frustrated, exhausted, low points in our lives, there is another season just around the corner. A season that in an instant can feel completely different. If we just let it go.

As I finish this last paragraph off the heater is still getting warm (the tick tick of the radiator as it heats up is in the background), the hail has stopped and there’s a glare coming through my blinds from the sun peering out from a grey cloud. Literally ten minutes since I started typing.

Where can you be more aware of the natural season in your own life? Whether that be on a daily basis, or month to month? What have you noticed differently in where you get your energy from since the start of the year versus right now today as you read this? When were you last feeling stuck? What else was going on in your life and does this relate to one of those ‘seasons’?

*Side note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago and had it saved in my files. When I opened my files up today and found it I wasn’t really sure where my thought process had got to. Today as I finish this off I look outside to this beautiful rain in London, a town where rain is too often a teeny drizzle. I feel this immense gratitude for the water running around on the streets and washing away the dirt on my patio. I feel immense gratitude for beneath the water droplets the sparkles of colour, it the gorgeous roses blooming in my neighbour’s courtyard and in the way the green leaves on all the bushes come alive with the water. Seasons and nature have so much to teach us about our own internal wisdoms. About choosing to slow down when we need to. About choosing to rush forth with full gusto at other times. I certainly know the more I let go of my need to ‘push’ and the more I instead choose to go with my internal ebbs and flows, the more results I’m getting in my life. I wonder what would happen if we paid more attention to our internal compass more? What beautiful colours would start to blossom in your life if you let go, just a little bit more today?


How valuable did you find this post? Maybe there’s someone in your life who needs to hear right now that seasonal shifts internally are just as okay as they are externally. Share now to light up their day!