More on turning pro, it’s different for everyone

The Daisy Patch Blog - More on turning pro, it’s different for everyone

As I said last week, the concept of ‘turning pro’ in all aspects of my life is really resonating lately. I’ve been conscious about how I can bring more me, bring more love, bring more growth in. Here’s where I’m at with my own internal reflections on what turning pro really means to me, right now.

Turning pro is becoming more and more clear to me. It is more about choosing to finally let go of the sitting still, being quiet, doing the ‘right thing’, not answering the question even when I know the answer for fear of standing out, part of me. It’s letting go of the mould of being, doing, or having what I “should” and instead just being. Being wholly and fully me. Whatever that is. In that moment. Acknowledging the fears and anxieties of everything working out ok – being on, fitting in, being good enough – just so I can be noticed, in a subtle way. Like somehow that’s more deserving. Letting go of fixing. Being the favourite, funny, loving, best at… and being.

Turning pro is much more about accepting who I am and loving me all of it no hiding. Stepping up fully and with grace. With kindness and compassion. Because anything done with compassion and grace has the purest intention and is therefore the purest outcome.

Turning pro is stopping the judgement I have of myself particularly when I turn to others for comparisons and benchmarks for how things “should” be.

I am here. I am me. I write from my heart with the purest intention of expressing my own truth. Of understanding and evolving my own being. Where my sharing may light a pathway for others to explore their own truth I embrace fully.

For this life is absolutely a journey, a flow, a constant opportunity for growth, evolution and a heightened experience of the fullness that can be.

My work is for you all to know your own truth, to discover and rediscover what lies beneath the layers, the masks, the expectations and standards you’ve developed over time. The truest form of you. To love that part of you. To nurture, water, fertilise, shower with sunshine in whatever way possible.

Because you don’t need to believe it for it to be true. Once planted a seed will grow.

I want everyone quite simply to be themselves. To reclaim that part of themselves they felt they needed to shut down for some reason or another – for work, family, your relationship. To fit in to feel good enough, to feel loved. These are all expressions of my own truth too.

I want you to know the cold hard absolutely true facts – and once again you don’t need to believe me for them to still be true – right now you absolutely are loved, you’re enough, you belong. You are whole. You are worthy. And it’s OKAY to be you. You can let go. I can let go.

We are safe.


Who do you know in your life who is wanting to get unstuck and step things up another level? Maybe you can see their exceptional beauty and golden heart and they’re struggling to see their own worth right now. This post may be just what they need to shift gears and start to treat themselves as a ‘pro’ in their own lives. Share with them below!