Soul vitamins and how to feel more lit up

Soul vitamins and how to feel more lit up

I’ve been thinking about soulfulness as being a practice in our lives. Just as you might take daily Vitamin C doses, eat a healthy breakfast each day, or go for a run (in my case a walk!), you would also start treating and feeding your soul in the same way.

If me talking about your ‘soul’ puts you in a mild sweat or you can already feel your eyes glazing over, let me put this in another way before I lose you completely.

If you had a sure-fire way to ‘switch on’ that part of you that gets energised, excited, feels warmed up on the inside, gets super focused and driven at work, feels more flow, less stress, or just can’t wipe the smile off your face… You’d want it right?

You’d not only want it, you’d want to know how to keep it right? Or how to use it when you most need it? Or you’d be asking how do I learn to respect it so it’s always there and I’m using it so effectively that it always hits the spot?

Now that you can feel it, is it cool if we just sum it all up in one word as “soul” or “soulful” simply for the rest of this post? You can choose after that if you want to keep using the word or not.

So, back to Soul Vitamins. Interestingly for me the thing I Notice most is when I don’t take mine. Similarly to those days or weeks when I don’t get enough veges intake, I feel some what ‘bleh’, icky, slow, sluggish, heavy…

When I’ve skipped those things that fill me up and help me to feel soulful I start to feel depleted. Sometimes this creeps up on me. A little less energy each day. A lack of direction or focus. A literal scratchy, sore, throat. At other times it hits me FULL ON. Like going to bed one night feeling totally cool – excited, energised, life is great – to wake up the next morning with an all out full blown head cold.


Where the hell did that come from?!!


It’s particularly on those days that I catch myself asking: “What have you let slide?” “What’s this telling you that needs to change right now?” and “How after all these years is this catching you by surprise?”

You see,  I’m starting to realise that just as our bodies change, shift and grow over time, so too does our soul and how it meets our outer world best. Everything is more of a flow and therefore may require consistent tweaks and adjustments to the dials.

There will of course be those staples that you always need and always come back to (bowls of broccoli to top up after a week holidaying) as well as those home remedy kickstarts to recharge you on those days it catches you by surprise (the chicken noodle soup days).

I’m adjusting my doses over time and trying new vitamins too. For now, these are my Top Ten – some needed in higher or more frequent doses than others, while some just need a sprinkling now and then.

  1. Walks on the beach. Or in nature, or any green that I can get my hands on!
  2. Coffee, me time. Coupled with soulful reading, or my notebooks in hand.
  3. Yoga class. Actually being in the room.
  4. Rising early. Being in that early morning air, walking, being quiet at home, sipping on tea, or simply just being.
  5. Catch ups with my girlfriends. Any which way they come – in person, Skype, WhatsApp, phone calls, texts, letters!
  6. Family time. As per girlfriends. Any which way it comes, particularly as I live physically far away from lots of them.
  7. Engaging myself in workshops, retreats, self development, growth, anything new, spiritual outside my current sphere that raises my consciousness and gets me feeling and living life more fully.
  8. Cooking, baking. Being creative in the kitchen. Done slowly. And imperfectly.
  9. Theatre. Experiences.

Exploration. Travel, road trips, exploring new neighbourhoods locally. Preferably with my boy, it’s the stuff that lights us up together.


Ever stopped to consider what your Soul Vitamins are? And what doses would you need to take each day to feel full, recharged, and connected?

Check out our FREE SOUL VITAMINS checklist to get started.


Share the love and get some inspiration for yourself in return. Why not share this post with a friend or love one now and ask them what their soul vitamins are? I love hearing what others do in their own lives to feel more lit up, who know it could just be the extra dose you need to take today too!