Tired of feeling exhausted and that life is out of balance? Feeling overwhelmed and stuck

Reconnect with your inner spark today…

This 12-week group coaching programme is all about giving you the steps that have been missing to feeling like you have clarity and control in your life again. We’ll give you everything you need to uncover what’s been holding you back and bring in more balance, connection and energy.


If you want to:


 ·    Stop feeling so lost and disconnected in your life, and start taking those steps forward.

·    Get clarity about what to do next and how to go about it, and keep that clarity into the future.

·    Get out of the ‘busy’ cycle and feel like you can really prioritise yourself more

·    Feel more confident about being yourself.

·    Have more energy to do the things you want to do, and feel like you have balance.

·    Feel lighter, more relaxed and happy with your life more often.


Then this is for you.


You might be wondering, so how exactly does it work?


Here’s what you get in Spring Clean Your Soul:

Spring Clean 3

·     12 weeks of guidance, support and accountability

·     Fortnightly Live Group Coaching Classes (1.5 hours) facilitated by Danielle, these are delivered online

·     Recordings of all classes (so if you can’t join us live you can watch later!)

·     1 x 30min one-to-one Personal Success Session with Danielle, to get clear on what your focus will be during the programme

·     Lifetime access to Your Ultimate Self online training programme (a 6-step system to creating life on your terms)

·     Access to your Secret Garden Private Facebook Group run by us at The Daisy Patch for the duration of the programme, where you get to connect with fellow Spring Cleaners + I’ll be hanging out there with you to give guided support.

·     Monthly Live Q&A sessions

·     Weekly Funsheets (like worksheets, but Fun!) to guide you through materials and embed learnings

·     Weekly accountability checks



The Live Classes start from week commencing 9th April 2018.
Exact day and time tbc.

And, what’s this Your Ultimate Self bit all about?

So glad you ask! 😉


This online training programme (value at £560) is designed to give people the gift of self-love they deserve and a community they have dreamed of. This is a place where it’s OK to be you, to be uniquely YOU.


We’ve partnered with The Global Success Institute to bring you access to Your Ultimate Self as part of your Spring Clean.


Which means when you enrol in Spring Clean Your Soul you also get access to Your Ultimate Self.


It’s a 6-step system to creating life on your terms—one where you prioritise yourself first, gain more clarity and momentum, and experience confidence, certainty and move in the direction of what you most desire.


Each step helps you understand:


·         Why you do things you do

·         Why you have certain beliefs and thought patterns, and

·         How they influence and create your life as you know it


Here’s what’s included in the online modules:


·         Video trainings and downloadable templates to work through exercises in your own time.

·         Receive feedback, support and ideas to achieve your goals through global Facebook community.

·         Watch and learn from real-life coaching interventions unpacked and explained step-by-step for you.

·         Learn how to embrace your true authentic self and be uniquely you.


The content has been developed by Sharon Pearson (founder of The Global Success Institute) utilising over 14 years of experience as a highly successful and influential coach, leader, trainer and mentor—and previously only available to an exclusive group of people—Your Ultimate Self will help you create an empowered life of your choice by learning how to embrace your own true authentic self.


Your access to the online programme, your Ultimate Self, is for life. Which means you can revisit the content time and time again, long after your initial Spring Clean.


Your group coaching Live Classes are designed to guide you through the themes of the content and directly apply it to your life right now and the changes you’re seeking to embed.



You get all this for £500 upfront or £180 per month on a payment plan.



“This is the stuff I believe everyone should know to stop sleepwalking through their life and truly start living.” Danielle Brooker

For those ready to dive even deeper and get the guidance and insights into you and your life…

For some of you the group support and accountability is going to be just the catapult for change you’ve been craving for so long. A reset and refresh in your life right now.


For others, you’re going to want even more. You’re ready to dig deep. You’re wanting to really find your roots back to you, through accelerated growth and more personalised support.


If that’s you then this, the Ultimate Upgrade package, is for YOU:


·      Work with Danielle directly through one-to-one private coaching sessions (6 x 1hr sessions) (valued at £900)

·      2 hr Values Elicitation Session (valued at £300) to get clear on what’s really important to you and to find your internal decision-making compass

·      2 hr Strategy Session on commencement (valued at £300)

·      Priority email support throughout the duration of the programme

·      One Year Success Plan Template

·      Daily Focus Tracker



You get all this (group coaching programme + private coaching support) for £1,200 upfront or £450 per month on a payment plan.


Here’s just a few ways doing this work has helped me personally:

Spring Clean 4

·     I say No lots – and it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

·     I’m living in a city I dreamt about living in for over a decade. I’ve been here 5 years and I pinch myself every single day that I’m actually living it.

·     I no longer feel anxious and drained by my full schedule. Instead I feel energised and can also recognise when I need to slow down for me.

·     I transitioned from full time work to full time business, stepping away from a career I’d been in for over a decade to do something that lit up my heart instead. Scary? Hell yes. Worth it? Without a doubt.

·     I feel more in control of my life on a daily basis – from my schedule to my emotions.

·     I’m way more flexible and fluid in the way I set my routine and goals, meaning I no longer beat myself up when things don’t go perfectly to plan. The time and energy I’ve gained back from that alone is huge!

We say at The Daisy Patch that our work is deeply personal. Because that’s the truth. This stuff matters. We’ve been there. We get it. And we believe it doesn’t have to feel that way anymore. You really can take back control and get your inner spark back.



If you’ve been feeling the need to slow down, to reconnect with yourself or to simply feel different NOW is the time.



Here’s what some of our recent ‘graduates’ had to say:


“I wholeheartedly recommend investing in coaching with The Daisy Patch to anyone who is looking for very powerful, grounded and effective help to navigate through a challenge or feel held back by fear of change or self-doubt. Danielle’s approach is insightful, professional and the detailed up-front assessment and continual feedback really allow you to reflect, practice and acknowledge changes at your pace. By empowering you with the practical tools, understanding and self-awareness to get ‘unstuck’, you can start to make decisions and choices that truly reflect your authentic self and based on your true needs and ideals. My personal anxieties, fears, and recurring patterns of negativity or self-doubt were acquired over several years, but in just a few sessions with Danielle I regained the confidence, motivation and self-understanding that has made a hugely positive and sustainable impact to my happiness and wellbeing.”



“I now feel more compassionate with myself, an area I completely lacked before the sessions! I have also learnt to dig down inside me whenever I’m feeling down to check what the situation is really about instead of going in the vicious cycle of self-doubt, getting stuck and frustration. Through coaching I have acquired the knowledge and techniques to develop new strategies that would serve me better in facing my day to day life stress and long term life challenges too. I recommend investing in coaching with The Daisy Patch to anyone who feels the need to connect with one’s self. Anyone seeking to build a sense of inner peace and warmth inside that will shed light on all aspects of life.”



“I was introduced to Danielle by a mutual friend and at first I was hesitant to approach a personal coach but as soon as I met Dannielle I knew that she was the right fit for me. She put me at ease straightaway, understood where I was in my life and what I was looking to change. She was so approachable, easy to talk and very clever in the way that she worked with me, she never gave me the answers but always asked the right questions. She has given me back my confidence in myself, my abilities and also provided me the tools and framework to deal with any situation that arises. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her more highly to anyone that needs to get out of their own way and get on with life.”


Here at The Daisy Patch we really do believe in Big Dreams and we also believe in big commitment to make them happen.


Which is why we’re offering FAST ACTION BONUSES to those who are ready to jump in and make the commitment to themselves.If you enrol before Sunday 18th 6pm (UK Time), in addition to your chosen package, you will also receive these ADDITIONAL GIFTS:


bonus 1

2 hour one-to-one private Strategy Session on commencement of the programme to get clear on your outcomes (valued at £300). This will be via Skype or Phone. (If you’ve enrolled in the Ultimate Upgrade you’ll receive a 2 hour Momentum Maker Session also at the end of the 12 weeks).


bonus 2


Accelerated access to Your Ultimate Self online programme, so that you can get started and immerse yourself in the journey before the group classes start.




Daily Spring Clean Your Soul Tracker, to build in sustainable habits from the get-go – keeping you refreshed and focused throughout your Spring Clean. 


Bonus 4


Printable Monday Mantras, collection of mantras and intentions for you to set your focus each week of your Spring Clean. Pin them up and display them to keep you feeling 

motivated and grounded. 


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Tony Robbins

Still not sure if this is right for you? Here’s some frequently asked questions:

These are interactive sessions run online, like a web conference or Skype session. Which means you’ll get to meet and interact with fellow Spring Cleaners. Each session will be based on a theme and I’ll guide you through some ‘content’ to create more awareness for what’s currently playing out in your own life. I encourage lots of participation and we tend to share insights that are happening for everyone in terms of how the content may relate right now, or what they’ve done to implement a change recently. You can think of it like a face to face workshop you’ve been to before, except this time the faces are in the computer. 😉

Absolutely! The programme is right for anyone no matter your level of ‘exposure’ to coaching, personal development, therapy, or any sort of self-growth work. This journey is really like no other so it doesn’t really matter where you’re at right now. I’m here to facilitate and guide you to move forward. There’s nothing you really need to ‘do’ to prepare. We’ve had clients who have never done anything like this before, to those who love going to all the stuff. You can think of coaching like having someone ask you questions you’ve never thought to ask yourself before + having an external guide to point out stuff you may just not see being ‘in it’ all the time.

Once again, absolutely! I ‘hang out’ in the Secret Garden Facebook Group with you all and am there to provide prompts, questions, share additional insights. That’s the space where we encourage you all to share your own insights with each other too. If I see a few common themes or questions coming up in the discussions I jump in and run a few Facebook Lives too to flesh it out more. Plus we run Monthly Live Q&As for more detailed unpicking of the progress you’re making outside the sessions. Plus if you choose to enrol in the Ultimate Upgrade package you’ll have a personalised coaching programme designed just for you. We’ll get clear on the outcomes you’re looking for right from the start and then do deep dives during our one-to-ones. I’ve found this to be such a powerful amplifier in addition to the group sessions. 

You get access to all the recordings for all the Live Classes so you can watch in your own time. This is also great even if you did make it Live and want to dip in again on a particular area.

The first Live Class will be the week commencing 9th April. Exact days and times are TBC, you’ll get updated once the enrolment period ends. They will be fortnightly thereafter (so weeks commencing: 23rd April, 7th May, 21st May, 4th June, 18th June). Exact days and times are TBC, you’ll get updated once the enrolment period ends. The Live Classes are held on weekdays and tend to be evening sessions (UK Time).


Plus the two-weeks prior to our first class we call our Intentions and Orientation weeks. They’re like two bonus weeks. We’ll send you all you need to get started during these two weeks to feel like you’ve completely cleared the space for you for the next few months. We also start our meet & greets over in the Facebook group so everyone can feel well acquainted before the official start.

We guide you through each week to recover how you can be uniquely you. You see we are all born whole. We are all born beautifully individual and unique. And slowly over time we start to adapt. We put on masks to protect ourselves when we feel our needs aren’t being meet. While that works for a beautiful period, what tends to happen is we never stop to pause and question if those masks are still working now we’re in adulthood.


I really look at life as us running lots of ‘strategies’ or patterns of behaviour at any point in time. We have strategies from how we brush our teeth all the way through to how we approach holiday planning and how we ‘achieve’ stuff. If you’re feeling lost, stuck, frustrated, or just not where you feel you ‘could’ be right now—chances are one of your strategies is just not working for you anymore.


A lot of what we teach gets you to bring more conscious awareness into the patterns that are currently running. With awareness you have the power to then create changes to bring you back to your wholeness. So you can reconnect with you. All of you.

Our Live Classes are aligned with Your Ultimate Self journey too. We pace you through the steps to bringing in more self confidence, self esteem and self love in your life. If you want to find out a bit more about the modules covered in Your Ultimate Self check out this handout.

I’m no tech-expert, believe me! Which means I always favour the easy-peasy-user-friendly ways to engage online. Facebook you’re likely familiar with – the Secret Garden group is exactly that, completely secret. Which means once you’re in no one (other than your fellow Spring Cleaners) can see that you’re part of the group. For the Live Classes we use a web-conferencing service called ‘FreeConferenceCall’. It’s completely free for you to use, all you need to do is download an App to use on your phone or tablet. Plus there’s essentially a link I send you to click on if you’re joining from computer. You just talk straight to your phone/tablet/computer. Plus you turn on the camera so we can see each other (it’s way friendlier that way!). We’ll do a quick run-through at the start of our first class to ensure everyone’s all set and then thereafter it’s just rinse and repeat. 😉 For Your Ultimate Self you get sent special login details. You just use that + a web address to login to the all the content. The rest is pretty straightforward, it’s a matter of having a little stroll (or scroll 😉) around once you’re in and clicking through to watch the videos and download templates.

Ultimately I can’t tell you if now is the right time for you or not. What I will say is you’ve clicked through all this way for a reason. Something in what we’ve put together has appealed. Get to know whether what you’re feeling right now is resistance to change (our brains are going to kick in to protection mode if we do something different to the norm) or if there’s another reason why.


Questions I share with my clients (and use for myself!) when I’m shifting or changing the way I do something are things like: What is it you’re most seeking right now? How would you really like things to be? And if you were to stay where you are right now for another 6 months, 12 months, what would the cost be? Give them a go and then see how you feel. If you’re still not sure, and want to find out more, send me an email at danielle@thedaisypatch.co.uk I’d be happy to arrange a time to talk it through and answer any questions you have specifically.

Sure can. For both the Spring Clean Your Soul programme + the Ultimate Upgrade package you can select either upfront payments or monthly instalments. If you click through to the cart you’ll see all the options clearly before you submit your enrolment.

I’m pretty famous for saying ‘there’s no right or wrong here’. Because it’s so true! I really do believe everyone will move through the content and absorb and apply what is right for them at the time. In saying that, I also believe for any big change we’re wanting to create in our lives it deserves that same commitment to taking the necessary action to make it happen. The actual hours are completely up to you, however I’d say at least allocating a couple of ‘spots’ during the week to give yourself space to learn, absorb, digest or implement. For example, setting a reminder to check the Facebook Group once a day to update us where you’re at could be a great accountability measure for yourself.


Here’s what I can say in absolutes. The Live Classes themselves are 1.5 hours each fortnight. The accompanying Funsheets could take you 10mins some weeks and 1 hour the next depending on the theme and where you’re at personally with your journey. The Monthly Live Q&As will go for around 30mins to an hour depending on the need. The video trainings in Your Ultimate Self range from 10min sessions to 45mins (or slightly longer for some of the live demonstrations).  

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” Brene Brown