Episode 86: Fumbles, Failing, and Fears

I have a confession to make. I’ve been hiding. Well, kind of. I made a [...]

Why Stuffing Up Completely Is Actually Okay

I completely stuffed up this morning. I was already at my favourite coffee shop, sneaking [...]

This One Thing That’s Holding You Back From Everything

The dog never ate my homework. Although this one time she did ramsack my bedroom, [...]

The Unexpected Bonus You Get From Acting More Like Yourself

Would you ever wear your runners styled with a cute summer dress? I’ve always been [...]

The One Where I Loved My Job

I get asked lots of questions about why I do what I do. Or how [...]

Getting off the Doubt Train

I sat with a blank page fidgeting. Stopping to check my phone. Changing through patterns [...]

The terrifying act of having coffee alone

If you’d have asked me what I am most scared of five years ago I’d [...]

More on turning pro, it’s different for everyone

As I said last week, the concept of ‘turning pro’ in all aspects of my [...]

Bringing curiosity to times of uncertainty

This week has not been an ‘average’ week for me. My schedule has been different, [...]