The magic in the flow

It’s starting to dawn on me that no matter how ‘successful’ you appear to be from the outside you’re still human, you still have the same fears, struggles, and see-saw approach to creating balance in your life.

I recently met someone who I immediately ‘judged’ as ‘one of those super successful power women who has it all together’ only to chat to her after the presentation and hear her talk about her summer and how she was struggling to find balance, or how she made zero revenue in her business she’s been running for 14 years…

It was light bulb moment for me.

What if everyone always had this same feeling and emotion? This same searching for their own version of balance? It was a huge relief – like Wow! I don’t actually have to search any more I can just sit back and relax!

Marie Forleo’s interview with Grace Bonney a couple of months ago explores this even further and it also helped me realise even more that, well, that everyone is human.

Elizabeth Gilbert is another great example of sharing so candidly her own emotional pathway and in doing so gives light to us readers and followers core distinctive human-ness common to us all. And yet from the outside all of these people appear to ‘have it all together’.

So the reminder and the HUGE takeaway I’m bringing with me as I keep moving forward in my journey is knowing with absolute certainty that balance is not a state. It’s a flow. Which means sometimes it will be hard and fast and rushing, at other times it will dwindle and drip or completely dry up. And all of it is ok. Because it’s how we handle every one of those moments and how we choose to response that will shape our ‘results’. More so, it will shape how quickly we allow ourselves to keep moving forward to keep creating what it is we want in our lives.

There is no ‘finish’ point. You’re not going to reach the finish line and get your Balance trophy. That’s kinda cool to know. Now.

So what are you going to do instead? Where is all your focus and attention going to go? Hmm… I know what I’m doing with mine. For one I’m telling my ego thank you and “it’s ok” in those dry moments. I’m telling it this is how it’s meant to be and I’ll learn something from it. Secondly I’m enjoying the space I’ve created by dropping all the unnecessary worry, stress, concern, beating my self up and instead I’m moving through it in a flash – knowing that it’s all part of it.

It’s all part of it.

Every little thing that comes along.

It’s all part of it.

My mantra.

Everything is happening for a reason. Being present, being there to experience it, that’s where the magic and gold is to soak up. If you’re looking the other way or pushing for the finish line that doesn’t exist you’re going to miss all the good stuff!

So as 2016 draws to a close and 2017’s light starts to shine brighter I’m choosing to stick with my mantra and in doing so continue to enjoy the magic show.