How do you stop when you’re way too busy to stop?

How do you create a change, feel different, or make it to the gym when you’re just waaaayyy too busy to even STOP? When the thought of stopping itself puts you into more of a panic than the joy and relief you may experience when you do?

I talk to so many people who are constantly telling me that they are ‘busy’. For some, the ‘busy’ is somewhat enjoyable, they thrive on it. They love their work, their business, their life and they are also starting to feel that their current speed and pace is unsustainable…

And there are others. Those who don’t necessarily love what theyy’re doing or where they’re ‘at’ in life, regardless of how ‘good’ at it they are or how ‘great’ it look slike from the outside.

So where do you start then? Where do you start to shift the lever ever so slightly even to experience less frazzle more dazzle? i.e. Get your energy back so that you can actually enjoy where you are at right now – literally or figuratively.

There are so many tools, techniques and support I give my clients in this area I could share with you right now. There’s understanding that to change our habits we must start small, or that without a big enough reason why we just won’t be bolted into action, or that it’s critical you take care of yourself first before giving all your energy away to others. So much so I could write multiple posts on each specific tool on this topic and perhaps I will continue to do just that…

For NOW though? I really do want to start small. I want to share with you THE ONE THING YOU CAN DO IMMEDIATELY to provide some  relief from the hectic cycle of busy.

Just realised I’ve given away the punchline.

Because that’s just IT.

Start SMALL. Choose the easiest, smallest, most doable thing RIGHT NOW that would make you feel lighter, more fluid, more relaxed. What would make you feel more at ease right now?

I often share with my clients this question:

How do you eat an elephant?

They usually look at me in a puzzled way. Thinking I’m getting a little lost in some type of Dad-joke gone wrong.

Answer? One bite at a time.

It’s really that simple. So often we throw ourselves this huge big declarations of change. I’m going to give up chocolate NOW. I’m going to go to the gym FIVE TIMES every week (starting from a base of zero times). I’m going to finish that report I’ve been putting off this afternoon. You see, there’s a reason none of these things has ever really worked out or stuck in a consistent way. You’ve been trying to eat the elephant whole. So you’ve set yourself up for almost instant failure, then given yourself permission to beat yourself up, feel guilty and cast blame – meaning you’re left with a trodden down self-esteem. How much success can we really expect in our lives if that’s our starting point?

So, why not start small? Why not ask yourself: What’s the easiest thing I could do right now? Then do that. Just that one thing. Then ask again.

You see, often it’s the path of least resistance that is our catalyst for momentous changes in our life. Because it has a snowball effect. So go create a few snowballs in your life right now. ‘Tis the season for it after all! ?


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