What is balance to me? (By Sue Rahmani)

What is balance to me as a Yogi…
First, to be able to face myself as I am.
To be able to connect as well as to belong.
To know pain is equally needed in the path, on the way to freedom.
To acquire wise teachers.
To detach from stories in my head and pass them compassionately.
To meditate as I’m walking this lifetime.
To pray and know is being heard.
To accept and to surrender but always be motivated to have a go.
To see the miracles.
To know Love is the only reality.
Ok…to know how to relax and take a childpose when I need to.
To allow my tears to role even when I have a painful belly laugh.
To endure the life I’m given,
But also to be ready to let it all go.

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