What is balance?

Just once you think you’ve figured it out, the world is toppled. Balance is

Breathing. Lots.

Being ok with slow. Being okay with fast.

Noticing when you’re getting caught up in the fast train departure, when you booked the hop on hop off sightseeing tour. And being ok with it.

Because it’s all for a reason. There’s a ‘teachable’ moment in everything if you are willing to open to it. And you won’t always be willing. And that’s ok.

Balance is personal, unique, all about you. It’s ok for your version to be different to everyone else’s. When I left for a recent trip back to Australia I was determined for this time to be truly, wholly balanced (whatever that really means) – and what I’m learning is that this constantly changes.

I can feel calm and in the moment and still need my downtime. I can feel energised and excited in love and still need to remove myself. Because we all need to recharge. Just like batteries, we technically can function on low power but it’s not exactly ‘high performance’.

My sister said something to me early on in my trip that really stuck. She said you can’t be expected to give love and energy to others without pausing to give it to yourself first. And while it can be tempting to keep giving out, it’s almost the toughest (and most rewarding in the long run) choice you can make to actually stop and make yourself pause. Recharge. Reconnect. With you. While I know this to be true and in fact spend lots of time with clients on how to bring more connection with yourself first, it was so interesting that in this moment I was caught up in the whirlwind of it all. The temptation was so strong to give out to others as I have very limited in person time with my loved ones in Australia at present. Yet these are the exact moments when recharging and reconnect become critical.