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I first became consciously aware of growth and personal growth on a three-month work experience placement away from my hometown – and with two of my dearest friends. First time away from home. For some of us at Christmas. Fending for ourselves fully. On our own incomes, learning new work, new places, how to live with other people, how to set boundaries, how to embrace the experience. All of it, all at once.

There were tears. There was wine. There was laughter. A LOT of laughter. And we coined the phrase for ourselves right there and then ‘personal growth’. When things felt tiresome, frustrating, hurtful, annoying – we would say to each other ‘this is for the greater good of personal growth’. And it would get us giggling, or bring some relief. What I didn’t realise at the time is that what we were doing is flipping it. We were ‘reframing’ the situation – choosing where to shine our flashlights and what we wanted to focus on. We had enough insight and stamina to appreciate that the experiences we were having were all exceptionally valuable and there was something to take away from it all. There was a reason for being there.

So much in my life since has benefited from checking in and knowing that it is ‘personal growth’. So much in my life has felt ok or moved forward from saying to myself ‘this is personal growth’. It’s not always easy. It’s all of the emotions. And that’s exactly what the three of us had on that experience. All of the emotions. In some ways it has been a turning point in getting to know myself, although to be honest this is the first time as I’m typing this that I’ve realised it really was a catalyst for that process (it’s been a journey, and it’s ongoing).

And that’s really what I want everyone to experience through our workshop offerings. Growth. Getting to know yourself. Being on the journey consciously and loving every bit of personal growth that comes your way – as it is adding fuel to the fire of life, it’s giving you more pieces of the puzzle, it’s a new ingredient that helps you make the most of this beautiful gift you have: You.

Growth is about bringing awareness to what motivates you, what most satisfies your needs, how to connect with things in your life that truly light you up, how to identify your triggers for anger, frustration, joy, laughter. So you can start to create whatever it is you choose to in your world. So you can feel more. So you can live the life you want.

Our Creating a Life You Love series is all about giving yourself permission to pause and reconnect with what’s really important to you in life. We find it’s a great way to decompress and walk away with more clarity on how you can live a life you truly love. Want to give yourself some well needed me time? Book now for our next sessions 7th Feb BALANCE or 16th Feb GROWTH.

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