What street interviews taught me about giving

The Daisy Patch Blog: What street interviews taught me about giving

Last week was a very full schedule kinda week for me. I was wrapping up the final ‘to dos’ in my handover from my day job project, prepping for two workshops for The Daisy Patch, and generally feeling like I was running a bit out of steam. While feeling buoyed by my imminent transition or change in lifestyle, I was also conscious of my energy reserves feeling like they were rapidly diminishing.

Then in one day I got stopped TWICE. Once by a street style blogger doing it for fun and passion and second by a group of uni students filming a documentary about people’s perception of art. Even more interestingly two topics I know absolutely zilch about. When they both approached me I had this auto reflex to pull back – strange how we all do that when strangers approach, sad actually! – and yet something in me made me slow and pause for a moment. I reached into my heart and a little voice reminded me that at my core what I want to give and be in the world is zero judgement. So I gave them my curiosity…. And then I gave them my time. Something I value deeply and yet in that moment it felt like the biggest gift I could give. Two courageous people who are having the nerve to approach complete strangers and essentially ask them for their most previous resource time.

Both interviews took no longer than five minutes each and yet I was still a tinsy bit nervy and anxious during both. While I gave myself almost fully to them, there was a part of me saying hey hurry up quick I gotta move on….there was also a slightly louder voice saying ‘give’.

You may have heard me talk or write about the six core needs before – it’s certainly one of my favourite topics as it has had such an impact on how my own thinking of my life and for my clients. Well, without realising it, in those moments I was choosing to give significance – the critical human need, the doorway to the soul, the one that without which we cannot connect, we cannot experience life fully. I was giving significant to these people who no doubt nine times out of ten were getting blank faces, avoiding eyes, or outright refusals to participate. By giving them literally a few minutes of my time they were able to feel acknowledged and valued for what it was they were doing. AND it was a huge lesson for me in both presence and non-judgement. To truly let go of the go-go-go and the to do list and rushing. A reminder that it is a daily practice to build the muscle and the more we do, the mor strength we’ll experience across our whole life. Because the more significance you give, the more connection you experience. And after all isn’t that what we’ll all after? A connected life? A life that connects you to joy, to love, to loved ones. To full experiences. To all of your heart. So my challenge to you for today, what one thing will you do to give significance to someone in your path today? We’d love to hear from you, share with us on Facebook.