What’s not working for me right now?

I feel tired. Fatigued. Like I’m going around in circles.

And it’s frustrating me because amidst all the fatigue there’s also excitement, gratitude, vision. I know there is so much ahead and I know I am moving forward each day with some small step and yet right now as I write this I am calmly and gracefully tired.

What’s not working for me?

I’m getting cranky at myself each time I stare blankly at my screen.

I’m beating myself up when I open my notebooks of ideas and feel flat.

When I get home at the end of the day and just want to sleep I hear a little voice say ‘just hurry up already and get some energy’.

My signals that I’ve learnt over the years that I’m running on reserve fuel supply are starting to show.

I have intent but am not following through.

I’m procrastinating the bigger stuff and optin g for sorting through my calendar and writing things to do lists instead.

I’m ferociously planning a holiday that is weeks away and meant to purposefully be free of plans.

I’m obsessing about table decorations for a Christmas lunch part with friends.

My digestive system is crying out for help. And I’m not listening. Yet.

And the list could go on and on…

And yet underneath all of this I also have a sense of knowing, of accepting, of trusting this is a stage, a phase, and it too will pass. And if I can just keep chipping away at the elephant* and trusting and being kind, listening, giving to me, the tide will turn.

What I know to be true, is that three of the biggest things that have helped me through these times previously (and they consistent work for me!) are:

  1. Creating space for me:

In its simplest form for me this has been making time in my diary for down time, for a coffee date in the morning with me and my thoughts to just be.

  1. Moving my body:

For me this is through yoga classes, short youtube yoga videos in the morning, going for walks, getting back into some form of a routine where I walk regularly.

  1. Creating more connection:

I know for a fact one of my top drivers or needs is connection. Most of us will have this pretty high on their list (as human beings are after all social beings). For me this is really about feeling like I can talk things out and feel connect to like-minded beings. Even if this means a flurry of viber messages to my closest friends and family in other parts of the world to let them know I’m thinking about them, or arranging a few Skype dates. Maybe it’s literally picking up the phone to anyone and saying hi or arranging a catch up. Or maybe it’s scouring the internet for the next workshop, seminar or gathering of sorts I can join (e.g. meetup groups) with people with similar interests in growth and change.

I’ve also come to know that one step at a time really is the only way forward. And maybe today my one step is writing it out. Telling you all that it’s ok to feel at times like nothing is quite working out. To feel stuck, motionless and frustrated. It’s also ok to acknowledge these feelings and thoughts and to know that it’s a moment in time. It’s what we choose to do next that makes all the difference.