When all else fails you, you’ve got this

The Daisy Patch Blog - when all else fails you've got this

Knowing what I know about human behaviour means that at times I feel like I’m always “on”. I catch myself out that I’ve set such a high standard that at times instead of using this to fuel me, I get twisted within it and instead use it to beat myself up. Have you ever had that experience before? Where you’re so fully immersed in something you sorta expect yourself to outperform yourself all the time?

Which means on those days where the clouds roll in, the heaviness sets in, or I feel frozen in my own fears I have a choice. I can either choose to beat myself up about it (You should be so much better than this by now! This is your expertise!) OR I can choose to be kind to myself. To know that actually, knowing what I know, love and kindness is vital. The brain responds to our instructions so lovingly. So willingly. And yet if we slip into autopilot mode, the brain too will choose the easiest path, the path of least resistance…taking into back into what it knows best: protection-mode. Fear. So in choosing kindness and love I’m reshaping how my brain responds. Ingraining the choice, the pattern of behaviour, over and over again…until it replaces the old path. And it becomes the new one. The easier one. The reflex one.

So yes, I do know a lot about human behaviour. That doesn’t mean I get to side-step the challenges. Yes I have my great days. And yes I have my not so great days. For each of these days I hold close to my heart one word: CHOICE. And the beauty of this word is that it belongs to all of us. It’s the key that unlocks us from those frozen points in life. The realisation that we can move forward, we can step, step down, step around. Whatever it is we most need. It’s the freedom we are seeking. The love. The connection. And the flow.


When all else fails you.

When you’re lost and on your knees.

When you’re begging for the Gods and the Universe to just hold you.

 Know that you’ve already got this. You’ve always had this.

You are so capable. You are so enough.

You were born pure, loving, calm and gentle.

You are a loving, generous being.

And everything you need is within you right now.

Always has been. Always will be.

At times you’re going to have to dig deeper, through the muck and the dirt to find what it is you most need.

And know this: It is absolutely there. And you’re going to be okay.

Because, you already are.


What choice will you make today? Which path will you choose to go down?


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