Forget decision-fatigue and overwhelm. It’s time to reclaim your joy.

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Your overwhelm is keeping you stuck and playing small. You deserve freedom from “busyness” and to live and lead your life from a place of joy.

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“I’m feeling curious and looking for some inspiration.”

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“I’m on the cusp of a change, but feeling unsure how to move forward. I need guidance and support.”

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“I’m ready. I’ve felt disconnected from myself and I’m eager to make a big transformation. I need the consistency to keep following through.”

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The ultimate in radical self-care and next-level integration of joy in your life. This is my application only, VIP experience.

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“I felt completely stuck. The coaching sessions changed my life. I now feel stronger and more confident in my abilities .”

– Halima S.

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Your solution to feeling stuck.

For those on the cusp of a change, but who have been stuck in decision fatigue for far too long. My Seedling coaching programme is designed to give you guidance, support and encouragement to take that next step and keep moving forward.

We uncover: what’s been holding you back, patterns of behaviour keeping you stuck, creating a clear and joyful vision, and embedding a new way of being and treating yourself into your life.

Includes: 12 weeks of one-to-one coaching support with me, 6 x 1hr coaching sessions, access to my Feel Good Formula mini course, email support in between sessions, and your own personal coaching drive filled with templates and resources for DIY planning, goal-setting and personal discovery.

£1500 (total) 


3 x £549 (monthly payment plan)



Your time to step back into your power.

For those who have felt the nudge to step up. To stop holding back. To give themselves a chance to fully shine, instead of staying stuck in a loop of over-working, people pleasing, and procrastination. It’s your time to fully blossom.

We uncover: old limiting patterns no long serving you, clarity on your deep calling (the thing that makes you come alive), a new, empowering relationship with productivity, a personalised sustainable approach to success and achievement, your unique cyclical nature (and how aligning with this enhances your personal growth), and connection to your place of calm, purpose and joy.

Includes: 12 weeks of one-to-one coaching support (3 months), with a rhythmic structure of 3 x weekly sessions, followed by 1 x integration week (9 x 1hr coaching sessions in total). Priority access to email, text and voicenote support in between sessions. Access to my Feel Good Formula mini course, and your own personal coaching drive filled with templates and resources for DIY planning, goal-setting and personal discovery. 

£2000 (total) 


3 x £729 (monthly payment plan)


“Danielle’s arsenal of easy-to-use tools and her warm and constructive coaching made me a far calmer person, with greater tolerance and empathy in my everyday life.”

– Hannah K.

Monthly membership & Digital courses

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Joy Club: Monthly membership programme for the always-on, always taking-care-of-others woman, who is tired of all the pressure. In Joy Club we recognise that we are ambitious women who don’t want to give up achievement in order to replenish ourselves. However, we also know that in order to live a more purposeful life we need to embed more fun, joy and ease. Joy Club is your anchor for returning to joy no matter how busy and challenging life gets.

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Mini-courses: From creating your own system to establish sustainable habits for success, through to masterclasses on bringing your dreams to life, and mini refreshers to get you back on track. More courses coming soon.

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My signature Feel Good Formula course: Coming soon.

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Group coaching programmes: 8-week immersive coaching experience. Walking you through 6 core joy habits to establish and embed consistently more joy and purpose in your life. This is a revolutionary new way to finally claim your joy, that won’t require you to give all your energy and enthusiasm away to others in the process. Combination of live sessions and recorded materials.

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“I have learned a lot, mainly to pay attention (my emotions, my body) and to trust, that whatever comes was supposed to come.”

– Emma M.


A whole woman approach to thriving.

For those ready to become all they were meant to be.

We uncover: a bespoke programme integrating transformative coaching, mentoring, and wellness tools and systems for amplifying joy in all aspects of life and business.

Includes: this is a VIP personalised experience, and varies dependent on needs. Could include anything from integrative joy retreats, to strategy and planning days, to ongoing long-term support and guidance. Access to my Feel Good Formula mini course, and your own personal coaching drive filled with templates and resources for DIY planning, goal-setting and personal discovery.

£ on application (payment plans available)


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